I joined a professional organization! Now what?

I’m asked this question every day. We business developers are always pushing participation in professional organizations, but what kind of membership means business? How do you know you’re making the most of an organization? Sadly, most of us don’t take the necessary steps to maximize memberships to generate new business.  … Continue reading

Brands Mean Business

Professional services firms tend to overlook or understate the value of their brand, focusing more on the relationships that their professionals have with clients. Relationships are critical at the individual level, but powerful brands mean business—they provide the foundation of credibility. A brand is your reputation. It helps a firm and … Continue reading

Is Email Marketing Extinct?

With so much email in your inbox every day, how effective is email marketing? Do e-newsletters, e-blasts and other e-marketing tactics actually get read, or do they mostly get lost in the murky depths of your overcrowded inbox? This is a valid concern for professional services firms today. So should … Continue reading

Finding Time to Market

It’s the bane of the busy lawyer, accountant, architect and engineer: between client demands, firm meetings, and life outside of the office, today, you also have to find time to cultivate stronger relationships with clients and continuously fill the pipeline of new business. For many, finding time to develop business—with … Continue reading

Building Rapport In A Digital World

Years ago, when we first began conducting client satisfaction interviews for clients, we spoke to a chief litigation counsel at a global manufacturer.  This individual worked with law firms all over the world.  He was a sophisticated consumer of services and an expert in his field.  But what he told … Continue reading